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Charming Chinese Challenge – Troy Hooser

Troy Hooser's signature coin

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Troy Hooser's signature coin effect has been a mainstay of some of the best magicians in the world for years. Now you can get your hands on this gorgeous, brand new edition. The Charming Chinese Challenge is unlike any other coin trick. No coins flying from hand to hand or changing into other objects; just three Chinese coins inexplicably penetrating on and off a ribbon to the delight and surprise of spectators and magicians alike. This brand-new edition has been made under Troy's supervision to ensure the highest quality possible. The coins are made from the ground up to make them the perfect size and weight. It comes with a new satin ribbon cut to the ideal length, and the all-new video instruction includes new tips and techniques from Troy with some additional suggestions from Josh Jay. You'll learn that this effect floors spectators, and all without difficult gaffs or difficult sleight of hand, which means you start and end clean and the reset is a breeze. With no table required, this is the ideal coin effect for close-up magicians.



desafio chino

desafio chino

desafio chino

desafio chino

desafio chino


Dificultad: Intermedio

Instrucciones online únicamente en inglés.

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