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DVD - 3 by Eric Ross
  • DVD - 3 by Eric Ross

DVD - 3 by Eric Ross

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... And then there were "3".

3 tricks, designed to astonish and stun even the most skeptic of spectators.

EACH one of the effects packs enough punch to make your reputation as an entertainer, even stronger.

Eric has fooled the most knowledgeable entertainers in the magic field with these effects, and now, he shares them with you.


A ChapStick is presented. The spectator is asked to think of a card. The spectator reads the text aloud, "ChapStick". Then, with just a rub, the text rearranges itself into the spectators thought of card. The ChapStick is then handed out for Full examination.

A spectator selects a court-card from the deck. The spectator signs their name across the face. You then take the card and, in plain sight, draw sunglasses on one of the faces. Then you visually move the sunglasses, across the court card, to the other side. You hand out the card for immediate examination. Your spectator gets to keep the card as a reminder of you.

Previously released in Eric's Lecture notes, "Watermark" is one of the most talked about effects that involves a borrowed dollar bill. A card is thought of. A bill is borrowed. As the Magician pointsto the face of the bill, he asks the spectator what card they were thinking of. At that moment, inside the bill, appears a watermark of the thought of card. Hand right out!

*ChapStick gimmick included


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By on  26 Apr. 2014 (DVD - 3 by Eric Ross) :


Una pregunta. Me gustaria saber si el efecto del humedecedor de labios esta en CASTELLANO. Es de ir que si las letras estan escritas en castellano. Contesten, Garcias.