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Phantom Die
  • Phantom Die

Phantom Die

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The performer displays a wooden casket and a large wooden die. The casket is opened both front and top. The die is placed inside the casket and is clearly seen through the front opening of the casket.

An empty hat is introduced and placed over the casket.

At the command of the performer slowly and visibly the die rises upwards apparently penetrating the top of the casket and the bottom of the hat.

Finally the die is found inside the hat, while the casket is totally empty.




• The effect is easy to do and will surely amaze any kind of audience.

• The special wooden box supplied measures cm 10 (3,93") x 9,3 (3,66") x 10,4 (4,09")

• The top hat is not included (any other desired container can also be used for this effect).


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