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    Rattle box - Teka
    • Rattle box - Teka

    Rattle box - Teka


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    Borrow a coin from a spectator, mark it and place it inside a small wooden box, then close it with the lid. Shake the box in front of the audience to hear the sound of the coin that slams against the walls of the box. Now ask a spectator to shake the box... The spectator will be surprised when he won't hear any noise coming out of the box, and when on your invitation he will open the box, he will be speechless at seeing that the coin has disappeared. At the end make the coin reappear anywhere you like... Success guaranteed!

    • • The box measures cm 10 (l) x 6 (h) x 3 (w).
    • • You can make disappear a ring, nails, bolts, pins and many other items of small size.
    • • You can perform this effect with a borrowed object and repeat it immediately without any preparation.
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