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    STAT Needle Thru Arm Gimmick
    • STAT Needle Thru Arm Gimmick

    STAT Needle Thru Arm Gimmick

    Tax included Available and ready to ship.

    Now you can perform Needle Through Arm whenever, wherever, STAT!

    The STAT Needle Thru Arm Gimmick looks like one of those alcohol pads from a First Aid Kit, you know, sealed in a little aluminum pouch. In reality, it's rubber cement!

    Setup right in front of your audience! There's no need to treat your skin in advance. Tear open the "alcohol" swab and dab it on during the routine. Folks will just think you're prepping your arm for the needle!

    • • Rip open a miracle STAT!
    • • High impact magic now impromptu!
    • • Easy to carry pouches fit in your pocket!
    • • Perform STAT on yourself or your spectator!
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