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Magnetic ring - 20mm
  • Magnetic ring - 20mm

Magnetic ring - 20mm

You can make miracles with this special ring

Colour: Gold
Tax included Available and ready to ship.

Effect 1:

The magician shows a 5 Euro cents coin in one hand and an closed empty bottle of glass. In an instant, simply by hitting the glass with the coin, this will end inside the bottle.

Effect 2:

The magician opens a classic box of matches and from the drawer he takes 1 Euro coin. He closes the box and places the coin on top. In a moment the coin will pierce the cover finishing inside the box.

* These are some of the possible effects with this tool. You'll find them both explained in the instructions with a third one.

* You can choose the ring in silver or gold colour. The ring have a diameter of 18 mm.


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