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Mentalism PARA PAD the classic impression device Card-Shark - 1
  • Mentalism PARA PAD the classic impression device Card-Shark - 1
  • Mentalism PARA PAD the classic impression device Card-Shark - 1

PARA PAD the classic impression device

A notepad for pocket-sized glimpses. There is no notepad on the market that meets all of our requirements and needs. The difference is in the details and subtleties, vital to a live performance. Para Pad does not require suspicious movements and allows the viewer total freedom when writing in this notepad.

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We are not the first ones constructing such a thing – and we won’t be the last for sure.
So is this the next reinvention of the wheel? Why another one?

Well – simple:
There is no pad on the market that matches all of our requirements and all necessities!

We are not the first ones constructing an impression device from a pocket pad …
… and we are not the first using this special technique for getting a copy of our participants writing or drawing.
We didn’t reinvent the wheel, … ☺

So what’s the particular?
What’s the difference?

Well, to be honest:
It’s all about the details and the subtleties that make the difference!
There are a few details – and those are the vital ones for a real-live performance in our opinion!

On the whole those details characterize The ParaPad definitely as the one that matches our necessities in all important aspects.
It’s a real world pad, constructed to fit our requirements.

Constructional requirements

✔ An elegant but innocent looking pocket sized writing pad (A7 = 3 x 5 Inches).
✔ Handlings by the performer as well as by the participant that are absolutely normal.
✔ No complicated or funny moves or manipulations; neither while writing or drawing nor while getting the pad back or during the peek.
✔ No restrictions on where on the sheet the participant can write or draw!
✔ There is no longer a need to force a specific position; the participant is free to write or draw where she feels comfortable with.
✔ Even if she chooses to write quite near the edges of the sheet we will still get our peek.

Difficulty: Beginner
Online instructions in english


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