A Beautiful Mind by Molim El Barch eBook DOWNLOAD
    • A Beautiful Mind by Molim El Barch eBook DOWNLOAD

    A Beautiful Mind by Molim El Barch eBook DOWNLOAD

    Tommy Burnett praises Molim El Barch's A Beautiful Mind as a clever piece of mentalism, perfect for close-up performances. He predicts Molim El Barch could become a top thinker in mentalism. Mark Strivings also applauds the combination of techniques used in the act, creating a direct thought-reading experience that he enjoys. Ryan Dux recommends the act for its ability to astonish and emotionally connect with the audience. Daryl Van Horne describes the method as wonderfully structured, leaving spectators speechless. Overall, the act is praised for feeling like real mind reading, making it a must-have for mentalists.

    A Beautiful Mind from The Schuman Notes series by Molim El Barch offers a new, hard-hitting method for mind reading.

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    A Beautiful Mind by Molim El Barch eBook DOWNLOAD

    "A Beautiful Mind is a well thought out piece of mentalism by Molim El Barch. It's fun to perform and I am placing it in my close up arsenal for future performances. Keep an eye on Molim El Barch - he may just end up being one of the top thinkers in mentalism."
    - Tommy Burnett

    "I'm a huge fan of mixing and combining methods, and what Molim has come up with is a lovely combination of techniques and methods that creates a very direct thought reading experience. I like it!"
    - Mark Strivings

    "If you want to leave the impression that you can see what others are thinking of in a very astonishing and emotional beautiful way, than dont miss this little masterpiece."
    - Ryan Dux

    "Wow, what a wonderfully structured mind reading method. This will leave your spectator speechless!"
    - Daryl Van Horne

    This one feels like real mind reading!

    Every now and then there is a mind-reading effect that sounds to good to be true. Welcome to A Beautiful Mind!

    Out of the already infamous mentalism series The Schuman Notes by Molim El Barch comes a new hard-hitting and beautiful method to read someone's mind.

    You ask your spectator to imagine herself sitting somewhere, reading a book of her choice, having an animal of her choice besides her and to drink something. All of this only in her mind!

    Although this version is not one hundred percent propless, we can assure you that these freely chosen thoughts of the spectator are never written down or being named in any kind!

    Yet you will be able to tell her exactly where she is sitting, what book she is reading, what animal she stroked and the taste of her drink she was just having a sip from in her mind.

    Again, nothing was written down, no questions were asked!

    If you want to leave a lasting impression on your audiences and look like a real mind reader, this is the effect that will get you there!

    Download it today.

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