Dichotomy by Dee Christopher eBook DOWNLOAD
    • Dichotomy by Dee Christopher eBook DOWNLOAD

    Dichotomy by Dee Christopher eBook DOWNLOAD

    An Out Of This World variation called Dichotomy is a streamlined and table-free version perfect for performing on the go. The performer talks about intuition and chance, then has a spectator deal cards into two piles - one with all reds and the other with all blacks. Benefits include easy setup, no pre-determined order, and a visual effect ideal for walk-around performers.

    Dee, the creator, focused on simplicity and directness, making it perfect for modern street and walk-around performers. Reviews praise the method's cleverness, ease of use, and ability to engage spectators. Dichotomy offers a fresh take on a classic effect, allowing for a hands-on experience that enhances the magical impact for both the performer and the audience.

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    Dichotomy by Dee Christopher eBook DOWNLOAD

    An Out Of This World variation, streamlined and ready for performing situations without a table.


    The performer talks about intuition, chance and that little feeling we get when we know something is right, or wrong. A deck of cards is introduced and legitimately shuffled. Half the deck is put away to streamline the demonstration. The other half is then handed to the spectator and the performer offers his/her outstretched palms as a surface to deal on to. The spectator deals the cards into two piles about equal amounts of cards in each, but in no specific order. Once all the cards are dealt, the performer shows that in one pile all the reds have been dealt, in the other all blacks! The spectator has managed to separate the cards, without knowing how.

    • Easy to do, perform it the same day you buy.
    • No stacks or pre-determined order of the cards, they can be legitimately shuffled.
    • Unlike other OOTW effects, this is done in the hands, so is ideal for walk around performers and creates a great visual for those watching.
    • You can still perform the rest of your repertoire without having to switch in a gimmicked/set-up deck - All you need is the Dichotomy deck.

    The necessity of a table and the fact that you can't perform the original OOTW with a mixed up deck always put Dee off the method, despite loving the effect. He has stripped out everything to make this simple, direct and an in the hands demonstration, built for the modern day street and walk around performer.

    "The thing that really stands out from the detail he goes in to, is the level of thought and consideration for the psychology behind the routine. It's not a case of "wham they're all red and they're all black, see ya!". Something else I enjoyed about this presentation and method over others is that it is performed in the hands. Dee performs mainly in nightclubs, as he says in the ebook, so it makes sense that his handling would work under such conditions. Plus, we all know that the affect on someone's magical experience is heightened if we stimulate more of their senses and physically involve them in the effect. Which is does."
    - Ken Dyne (author of Whispers, Primal Prediction and one of the top corporate mentalists in the UK)

    "I bought the pdf and all I have to say is "congratulations!" This is a worker, I will use it for sure. Very clever,well-thought, direct, all happens in the spectator's hands!"
    - Doriancaudal (from the Magic Cafe)

    "A very good effect, Very well thought and indeed easy to perform!"
    - Nefesch (Author of countless works of mentalism and magic)

    "I would just like to add my 10 cents for what it's worth and say how impressed I am with Dichotomy and the pure simplicity of the handling. This is just what this demonstration needs. After all when you think about it OOTW is and should be a very simple and direct demonstration and this effect Dee has put out makes it possible. It comes as no real surprise when a magician demonstrates his skill with any amount of sleight of hand, but when a real person; your assistant helping you accomplishes the demonstration themselves, this is real magic. There have been numerous methods to accomplish OOTW but Dichotomy accomplishes the task by being able to do this in stand up and walk around conditions, I think this is what makes it such a worthy contribution to our arsenal."
    - The Paranomalist (from the Magic Cafe)

    Pages : 12 - 8.5" x 11" - PDF Format - Full color photos

    Idioma: Inglés

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