Plunge Of Death by Kochov video DOWNLOAD
    • Plunge Of Death by Kochov video DOWNLOAD

    Plunge Of Death by Kochov video DOWNLOAD

    Alakazam Magic presents Jasper Blakeley as Kockov, Monrokvia's renowned mindreader and magician. Known for his mentalist routines, Kockov brings his Eastern-block charm to a UK audience with a hilarious 'adult' comedy performance. Watch as he performs his daring 'Plunge of Death' routine and explains his famous 'Real Live Russian Roulette' finale. These practical routines are perfect for any magic or mentalism show, featuring low-tech methods and high-impact effects to entertain any audience.

    Experience the outrageous Kockov in action, but be warned - this performance is not suitable for those under 18. With a running time of approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes, get ready to be amazed by the man, the magic, and the mullet that is Kockov!

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    Plunge Of Death by Kochov video DOWNLOAD

    Alakazam Magic is proud to introduce Jasper Blakeley performing in character as Monrokvia's greatest mindreader and magician - Kockov.

    For the first time ever, the mullet-haired maestro reveals some of the mentalist routines that have helped make him a house-hold name in his former Eastern-block homeland.

    Performing live for a real-world UK audience, Kockov gives a blistering 'adult' comedy performance.

    This video features his heart-stopping 'Plunge of Death' routine, as well as a special bonus - performance and explanation of his reputation-making 4 gun finale, 'Real Live Russian Roulette'.

    Not only will you be stunned by Jasper's fantastic performance as the outrageous Kockov, you will also be very pleased to know that these practical, professional routines will fit straight into any magic or mentalism show, regardless of your style of presentation. His brand of creativity features low-tech methods and high-impact effects, allowing the performer to do his job: entertain a paying audience.

    The man, the magic, the mullet - Kockov !

    WARNING: Not suitable for anyone under 18 years of age.

    Running Time Approximately 1hr 10min

    Idioma: Inglés

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