Mentalism,Bizarre and Psychokinesis Performer The Z. System by Molim El Barch video DOWNLOAD MMSMEDIA - 1
    • Mentalism,Bizarre and Psychokinesis Performer The Z. System by Molim El Barch video DOWNLOAD MMSMEDIA - 1

    The Z. System by Molim El Barch video DOWNLOAD

    Imagine being able to predict anything your spectator thinks of with the Z. System. From names to famous people to places in the world, the possibilities are limitless. You can even make your spectator the mind reader by letting them guess what's on a picture or think of a specific time, only to reveal a matching image. The system allows for completely free choices by your audience, making it a versatile and mind-blowing tool for any performance.

    The Z. System has received rave reviews from magicians like Marc Salem and Luke Turner for its clever and flexible principle. It's perfect for online shows and can create virtual miracles with ease. While iOS users may face extra costs and work, Android users can start using the effects immediately.

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    The Z. System by Molim El Barch video DOWNLOAD

    Imagine being able to mindread or predict literally ANYTHING!

    You spectator thinks of a name, you reveal that you have written down that name before he told you!

    He thinks of a famous person, in an instant you reveal a picture of that person on your phone!

    He thinks of any place in the world, you reveal either a picture of that place on your phone, or a map, highlighting that area.

    The possibilities are truly limitless with this idea!

    And you can twist everything around and make your spectator become the mind reader as well!

    Open a picture on your phone, of literally ANYTHING, ask your spectator what he believes is to be seen on that picture and let him be truly mind boggled after you show him, that he was completely right with his idea of what is to be seen on the picture!

    Let somebody think of any time of the day, only to immediately reveal a picture of a beautiful pocket watch that stopped at that exact time your spectator has thought of!

    Many say, that this effect alone is worth the price of the system.

    At no point do you have to force anything in any of your performances! Whether your audiences are thinking of a famous person, a place on this earth, a name, a picture, a painting or a time the pocket watch of your grandfather has stopped, it is always a completely free choice of your spectators!

    Welcome to the Z. System!

    "It's marvelous!" - Marc Salem

    "This is such a great idea. It's a very clever and flexible principle that will enable you to create virtual miracles with ease." - Marc Paul

    "I love what Molim showed me over Skype. It fooled me and then started my brain whirling with other applications once he had shared with me the full secret of what he was doing" - Fraser Parker

    "Another wonderful release by Molim which is perfect for online shows. The system is versatile so you can find many ways to destroy your spectator's minds!" - Diyan Kostadinov, Hektor

    "Molim has created something really incredible. This will take your online show to the next level. With this amazing system with so many applications you can achieve the impossible. It's well thought out and mind-blowing. I really think you will use and enjoy this." - Luke Turner

    "The possibilities are endless with this... It's the Holy Grail of video chat magic!" - Ryan Dux

    "Molim El Barch did it again. With the Z. System he created a wonderful trick system that I will use over and over again. Amazing!!!" - Aeon Sun


    If you own an iOS device, there might possibly some extra costs and work involved, to be able to use this method!

    If you own Android, you are able to do the effects the day you got this download.

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