Titanic Deck by Titanas eBook DOWNLOAD
    • Titanic Deck by Titanas eBook DOWNLOAD

    Titanic Deck by Titanas eBook DOWNLOAD

    Have you ever wanted to perform a mind-blowing card trick where the spectator selects any card and you immediately know which one it is? With the Titanic Deck, you can do just that! This deck allows for a fair and thorough shuffle by both you and the spectator, under total test conditions. And the best part? The deck can be passed out for full examination at any time, with no marks, rough and smooth, switches, or added or taken away cards.

    The Titanic Deck features 52 different cards that are cleanly and legitimately shuffled, ensuring a truly magical experience for both you and your audience. Available in PDF format with 55 pages and measuring 8.25" x 11.

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    Titanic Deck by Titanas eBook DOWNLOAD

    Imagine a deck being fairly and thoroughly shuffled by yourself AND the spectator. Under total test conditions, the spectator selects ANY card. You will immediately know the identity of the selected card. At any time, the deck can be passed out for full examination. Believe or not, this is what you get with the Titanic Deck!

    • No marks
    • No rough and smooth
    • Nothing is added or taken away
    • No switches
    • The deck consists of 52 different cards
    • The deck is cleanly and legitimately shuffled
    • The deck can be examined at any time
    Pages: 55 - 8.25" x 11.75" - PDF Format

    Idioma: Inglés

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