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Magic Froot Loops by Gustavo Raley

A classic updated for children!
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A classic updated for children! A classic of magic like razors or threaded needles in the mouth was impossible to perform for children. With The Loops, you can perform this routine in a very fun way. The magician shows some Fruit Loops cereal. He puts several of these into his mouth and eats them. He shows a roll of dental floss and inserts it into his mouth. He then slowly pulls out the floss from his mouth, with the cereal pieces now magically sewn onto the thread! Easy to perform, fun and magical. Children will remember you every time they eat breakfast! "One of the funniest new effects of this year; it's colorful and practical. Have fun with this great idea by Gustavo Raley!" - Jeff McBride



froot loops rayley


Dificultad: Principiante

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