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Rubicon 2.0 by Greg Wilson

Gregory Wilson's premier Rubik's cube effect is back in action!

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With a hot new price and several sizzling new routines, RUBICON 2.0 is now available at only $200 (discounted from the original $350 price) and includes killer new material from the professional repertoires of Gregory Wilson, Ryan Oakes and Adrian Lacroix.

While several new cube effects have hit the market since RUBICON, top performers continue to praise RUBICON for its easy handling and surefire method. Instead of multiple panels, complex handling or cumbersome setups, with RUBICON, the dirty work is done with one move in under one second!

The new bonus routines are already included with the online instructions, arming you with exciting new ways to perform this close-up, stand-up or in your living room for family and friends. And perhaps best of all, there's no cube solving necessary! (Greg still can't solve one.)

RUBICON 2.0 is a streamlined version of the original, and this is your last chance to get this reputation maker before they are gone for good.

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