Master Works of Conjuring Vol. 4 by Marc DeSouza video DOWNLOAD
    • Master Works of Conjuring Vol. 4 by Marc DeSouza video DOWNLOAD

    Master Works of Conjuring Vol. 4 by Marc DeSouza video DOWNLOAD

    Marc DeSouza, a renowned magician with multiple prestigious awards, offers a unique four-volume download set showcasing his entertaining performances for lay audiences worldwide. These fully scripted presentations are a departure from traditional magic tricks, focusing on magical storytelling and audience engagement. While not focused on the latest card moves, these downloads provide insight into creating magical masterpieces and adapting them to your own performance style.

    Volume 4 of the set delves into the history of magic through a multimedia presentation of Marc's 90-minute lecture. The performance includes ten historically significant routines, such as The Cups and Balls and The Linking Rings, followed by backstage explanations and tips from Marc himself.

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    Master Works of Conjuring Vol. 4 by Marc DeSouza video DOWNLOAD

    Marc DeSouza has an international reputation in the magic community, having won some of the most prestigious magic competitions in the world. These prizes include three First Place wins in stage and close-up magic competitions from the Society of American Magicians and three silver medals from that same organization. Additionally, Marc is a three-time gold medal finalist in stage magic at the International Brotherhood of Magicians competition and won first place in close-up magic from them as well.

    This four-volume download set is a departure from what you have seen Marc do. This is the material that he has used to entertain lay audiences all over the world. These are fully routined and scripted presentations that come right out of Marc's performing repertoire and are a unique offering in the world of magic-real performance pieces that stun audiences. If you are looking for the latest card moves, these downloads aren't for you. However, if you're looking for fully crafted magical presentations that you can adapt to your own performance style, look no further. Every detail is here; not just tricks, but the thinking that goes into the creation of magical masterpieces.

    Whether you are a close-up, parlor, cabaret or stage performer, there is certain to be something of real interest to you here-classical magic brought up to date, stunning mental magic, and brilliant story-telling. You'll enjoy and be inspired by the performances. Then, you will learn the real secrets behind these Master Works of Conjuring, most of which are being shown and taught here for the very first time.

    Volume 4
    The History of Magic Through Performance

    This is the full presentation of Marc's 90-minute lecture/demonstration that he presents for colleges, historical and literary societies and even the occasional magic conference. It is a multimedia presentation that takes us through the entire history of magic from ancient Egypt to present day. Woven into the tales of magical history are performances of ten historically significant routines including:
    • The Cups and Balls
    • Cut and Restored Rope
    • The Egg Bag
    • Everywhere and Nowhere
    • The Die Box
    • Nixon's Checker Cabinet
    • The Magnetized CardsThe Chinese Sticks
    • The Linking Rings
    • The Hydrostatic Glass
    After the performance, go backstage and learn Marc's personal handlings and tips on these classics of magic. There are full explanations of The Cups and Balls, Cut and Restored Rope, Egg Bag, Everywhere and Nowhere, The Linking Rings and The Hydrostatic Glass.

    Running Time Approximately: 2hr 16mins

    Idioma: Inglés