Silken Sequences & Steals Laflin series - 2 Video DOWNLOAD
    • Silken Sequences & Steals Laflin series - 2 Video DOWNLOAD

    Silken Sequences & Steals Laflin series - 2 Video DOWNLOAD

    Learn the secrets of silk magic with the program "Silken Sequences and Steals." This download is perfect for magicians looking to add manipulation to their act. It covers routining techniques, prop handling, and creating a complete silk magic act. With over fifteen tricks explained, you'll see how to effectively routine your show for maximum impact.

    Featured tricks include Four square Blendo, Sponge ball vanish, Vanishing wand, Silk fountain, and more. You'll also learn about using Thumb tips, Hank ball, Palmo, and other essential tools for silk magic. Whether you're a beginner or experienced magician, this program will help take your act to the next level.

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    Silken Sequences & Steals Laflin series - 2 Video DOWNLOAD

    SILKEN SEQUENCES AND STEALS Here is a program that teaches you the most important secret in silk magic. This secret applies to the general performance of magic, and in particular it will help those who are interested in adding some kind of "manipulation" to their act. This Download gives you valuable information on routining techniques for magicians, handling props and how to put together a complete act featuring silk magic and effects. More than fifteen different tricks are preformed and explained on the Download as examples of how you can easily and effectively routine your show to make it the best it can be. Featured tricks include... Four square Blendo Sponge ball vanish Vanishing wand Silk fountain The Laflin AVC box with steal Use of Thumb tips, Hank ball, Palmo and much more ...

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