Banding Around by Russell Leeds video DOWNLOAD
    • Banding Around by Russell Leeds video DOWNLOAD

    Banding Around by Russell Leeds video DOWNLOAD

    Welcome to a brand new style of Rubber Band Magic! Russell Leeds presents a collection of revolutionary plots and techniques that will have you performing awesome visual magic in no time. Join him as he shares the secrets behind his underground sensation effects, alongside top coin worker Craig Petty. From penetrations to color changes, you'll learn 14 mind-blowing routines like Rubber Ring, Impromptu Penetration, and Bands Through Table. Your audience will become magicians with tricks like Empowerment, and you'll amaze them with routines like Growing Band and Linking Bands.

    But that's not all - bonus routines like Band Through Glass and Invisiband will take your rubber band magic to the next level.

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    Banding Around by Russell Leeds video DOWNLOAD

    Welcome to a brand new style of Rubber Band Magic.

    You will find a collection of revolutionary new plots and techniques. Throughout you will learn some awesome visual magic. Within a very short space of time and with minimum practice, you will be Banding Around.

    Join Russell Leeds as he teaches you the tricks and techniques behind several of the effects which have made him an underground sensation and one of the busiest performers in the UK.

    Top coin worker Craig Petty and Russell sit down and discuss 14 routines in depth ranging from penetrations and transpositions to color changes and even bands vanishing in a spectators hand.

    Rubber Ring - Ring on band on steroids. A 7 phase penetration routine that builds to a stunning climax

    Impromptu Penetration - An impromptu miracle. The ultimate penetration routine with an elastic band penetrating a borrowed pen strand by strand

    Rubber Coins - The routine everyone is talking about. Bands change visibly to coins in an eye popping flurry of magical moments.

    Trans-purse-ition - The ultimate transposition. Bands and coins change places in a routine that will literally fry your spectators brain.

    Empowerment - Your audience becomes magicians as they make bands vanish from inside their own hands. The best part - they won't even know how they did it.

    Bands Through Table - This one is hardcore! 3 bands melt through a solid table with a kicker you have to see to believe.

    Rubber Fly - Probably the most popular coin routine in the world can now be done with bands. Even better no gimmicks, no extras just 3 bands.

    Pick Pocket - Two different colored bands change places in the spectators hand. This routine features a stunning color change with hundreds of applications.

    Growing Band - Russell's opener at tables. Comedy incredible visuals and a great routine combine to create a killer effect.

    Linking Bands - Imagine performing the classic linking bands but then handing them out in their linked state. Super Commercial

    Bands in Purse - The routine that started it all. Three bands travel to an empty purse the spectator is holding.

    Invisiband - An underground classic finally released. An elastic band becomes invisible right under the spectators nose.

    Bonus Routines

    Rubber:- Rubber - This one is a reputation maker. Elastic bands turn into rubber balls in the perfect lead in to any three ball routine.

    Band Through Glass - The perfect bar trick. An elastic band penetrates up through the bottom of a solid glass.

    "I think this product has moved rubber band magic forward a considerable step (think "leap"). You will definitely find something on this product you will add to your repertoire immediately."
    - Doug Brewer

    "I just wanted to check in here and let everyone know I think this product is awesome. It has a lot of good material in it. If you like rubber band magic you should check this out!"
    - Joe Rindfleisch

    Running Time Approximately 2hrs

    Idioma: Inglés