Burning Up by Nathan Kranzo video DOWNLOAD
    • Burning Up by Nathan Kranzo video DOWNLOAD

    Burning Up by Nathan Kranzo video DOWNLOAD

    Learn 5 amazing tricks in this download, including a visually stunning card suspension, a signed selection becoming part of your wardrobe, and the explosive appearance of four aces. Plus, watch as silver dollars appear with each strike of a match and a penny grows 100 times its size!

    These tricks are not only mind-blowing but also easy to learn and perform. With detailed explanations and inspiration from magic legends, you'll be wowing audiences in no time. Don't miss out on this download that offers approximately 26 minutes of magical entertainment!

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    Burning Up by Nathan Kranzo video DOWNLOAD

    The following 5 tricks are performed and explained in detail in this download...
    Tip Trey
    Visual card magic at it's best! Inspired by Karell Fox and Gaeton Bloom, this is one of the most amazing and EASY card supsensions you will ever see.
    Homing Tie
    At the end of a marathon card routine, a SIGNED selection becomes part of your wardrobe.
    Smells Like Aces
    The four aces EXPLODED into reality. You wouldn't think that things like this were possible with a deck of cards.
    Fire Coins
    This one is worth twice the asking price of the download! Silver Dollars appear one at a time with each strike of a match. You'll have to watch to see what happens next!
    Funtac Inflation
    You will freak when you see a penny visually grow 100 times its original size! Then you will laugh when you see the easy method.

    Approximately 26min

    Idioma: Inglés

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