Compression by Daniel Lachman video DOWNLOAD
    • Compression by Daniel Lachman video DOWNLOAD

    Compression by Daniel Lachman video DOWNLOAD

    Learn how to visually smash a Bic pen into half its size with Compression. No switches or sleeves are needed, and the pen can still write and be examined. It's so clean that you can even give it away as a souvenir to a spectator. This easy-to-master effect can be performed surrounded, made in under 15 minutes, and resets quickly. The video tutorial includes live performances, an introduction, simple explanation, and detailed handling. Plus, there's over 15 minutes of bonus material with performance tips, ideas, and special handling techniques.

    Compression is a versatile trick that garners amazing reactions in any performance setting. Just make sure to use your own Bic Disposable 'White Barrel' Pens, as they are not included with the video.

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    Compression by Daniel Lachman video DOWNLOAD

    Visually Smash A Bic Pen Into One Half Its Original Size.

    No Switches. No Sleeves. End Clean.

    The compressed pen writes and is completely examinable. You can even give it away to a spectator to keep as a souvenir! They will find nothing because there is nothing.

    Keep this hard-hitting effect with you everywhere you go!
    • Extremely easy to master
    • Can be performed surrounded
    • Made in under 15 minutes
    • Resets in seconds
    • Can be given away as a souvenir

    Compression is great for any performance setting and gets amazing reactions.

    The video consists of the following sections:

    • Demo Video with Live Performances
    • Introduction
    • Simple Explanation
    • How To Make Compressio
    • Detailed Handling

    Now with over fifteen minutes of Bonus Material:

    • Performance Tips
    • Performance Ideas
    • Special Handling
    NOTE: For use with your own Bic Disposable 'White Barrel' Pens. Pens are not included with video.

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