Paul Harris Presents Daniel Garcia Project Vol 1 by Daniel Garcia video DOWNLOAD
    • Paul Harris Presents Daniel Garcia Project Vol 1 by Daniel Garcia video DOWNLOAD

    Paul Harris Presents Daniel Garcia Project Vol 1 by Daniel Garcia video DOWNLOAD

    Paul Harris introduces the Daniel Garcia Project, showcasing Daniel's incredible magic skills that will leave even the toughest audience members amazed. Volume 1 includes a variety of mind-blowing effects like Satisfaction Guaranteed, Personal Safe, Twisted, Ego, Third Degree, and Rubber Made. Each trick is a combination of classic techniques and innovative new ideas that only Daniel could come up with.

    From coins disappearing into a spectator's hand to cards changing in the blink of an eye, Daniel's routines are sure to impress. Whether you're looking to wow a crowd or simply amaze your friends, the Daniel Garcia Project offers a range of tricks that will elevate your magic game to the next level.

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    Paul Harris Presents Daniel Garcia Project Vol #1 by Daniel Garcia video DOWNLOAD

    Paul Harris presents the Daniel Garcia Project! Daniel Garcia absolutely fries the most discerning spectators, using the best of both classic effects and real-world technique updated with some new stuff that only Daniel could have created.

    Volume 1
    • Satisfaction Guaranteed: Starts where most All Backs Routines end, and then goes two climaxes better.
    • Personal Safe: Coins across-into the spectator's hand. Plus a killer finish: the last coin changes places with the spectator's ring which actually vanishes from their hand.
    • Twisted: Instead of wasting time on minute handling changes for the bill switch, Daniel improved the effect. Now you wave your hand over the bill, and it visibly changes to a hundred.
    • Ego: How many card effects have one great new move? This one has two! You find the card the spectator's thinking of with the fastest card change you've never seen. If you don't have an ego, this will give you one.
    • Third Degree: Use this only if you're prepared to really freak people out. You find a selected card by burning a cigarette through the deck-it stops on the selection.
    • Rubber Made: A banquet of visual impossibility with a borrowed ring and two ordinary rubber bands. Daniel's killer routine has three phases and half a dozen visual miracles. Then the climax-you hold both rubber bands in your hands and openly toss one at the other, where they link, untouched, in midair. Unlink the bands and hand them for examination.

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