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HAZE by Wonder Makers
  • HAZE by Wonder Makers
  • HAZE by Wonder Makers
  • HAZE by Wonder Makers
  • HAZE by Wonder Makers
  • HAZE by Wonder Makers
  • HAZE by Wonder Makers

Haze by Wonder Makers

HAZE is an innovative smoke device that, unlike other smoke devices, can be handed to the spectator, producing smoke directly in their hands. The set includes everything you need and is accompanied by a video tutorial with detailed instructions and additional routines.

It is versatile, ideal for TV shows and social media content, and complements card tricks and levitation - HAZE takes your card routines to a new level!

Tax included Available and ready to ship.

"Haze" is a novelty from the Wonder Makers, who are the creators of such well-known products as: "Static Marker", "Wonder Card", "Light Card", "Fire Watch", "Boom Deck".

All these devices have proven themselves in the professional magic market.

"Static Marker" has become one of the top products of 2019.

Tricks from the Wonder Makers were used by such famous illusionists as: Dynamo, Patrick Kun, Xavier Mortimer, Chris Ramsay, Ryan tricks, Julius magic.

Thanks to its innovative approach, "Haze" can be handed to the viewer! There are many smoke devices on the market that need to be hidden (for example, somewhere in a suit), but "Haze" is the first one that produces smoke right in the hands of the viewer.

The set includes:
✔ Device
✔ Charging cable
✔ Liquid
✔ Heating element
✔ Scotch tapes

You will also receive a link to a tutorial video with detailed instructions and bonus 3 routines.

The use of "Haze" is only limited by your imagination.

Excellent for TV shows and media content such as TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

It perfectly complements card tricks and levitation tricks.

"Haze" is a new level of your card routines

Difficulty: No skill required
Visual online instructions

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