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Crystal Card by Pieras Fitikides
  • Crystal Card by Pieras Fitikides
  • Crystal Card by Pieras Fitikides
  • Crystal Card by Pieras Fitikides

Crystal Card by Pieras Fitikides

Crystal Card is a revolutionary idea based on a new principle.

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Crystal Card is a revolutionary idea based on a new principle.

It can be used to perform a wide variety of surprisingly visual effects including:

• Crystal Card: Two cards thought of by two spectators are magically revealed on a piece of green crystal right before the very eyes of the audience!

• Past and Future: A card selected by a spectator materialises on the performer's crystal. The performer claims that he saw the selected card through his crystal before the card was actually selected and proves it!

• Bizarre Revelation: The performer rests his palm over a green crystal - a card, thought of by a member of the audience, magically appears on the crystal

• X-Ray Screen: A card is selected and returned to the deck which is then wrapped in a silk. A spectator looks at the wrapped deck through a crystal and sees the selected card!

• Supreme Exposure: A prediction mysteriously materialises on a sealed piece of crystal. A card previously selected by a member of the audience is turned face up. It's a match!

• Crosswise Illusion: A card selected by a member of the audience magically appears on a special crystal inserted crosswise in a deck of cards!

• Palm Reader: A card is selected and rubbed on a spectator's palm. The spectator brings her palm over a green crystal and the selected card mysteriously appears on the crystal!

Invented, handcrafted and routined by Pieras Fitikides


"Very mysterious, weird and unusual! I rubbed the Crystal Card on the table cloth to reveal the thoughts of the spectator. A thin slice of natural stone revealing thoughts? The possibilities are endless! More mysterious and more practical than a crystal ball!" -Tommy Wonder

"With his brilliant invention "Crystal Card", Pieras Fitikides introduces a completely new tool in magic with enormous potential. With this prop you have Aladdin’s lamp in your hands and you are able to create wonders. Crystal Card will be a key to a new surreal field in our wonderful world of magic." -Lennart Green

Presented by Lennart Green at the FISM Convention-2006 to rave reviews. "I love this effect!" (his words).

"Pieras Fitikides' Crystal Card is wonderfully unique and completely mystifying. The possibilities are limitless! His concept opens the door for creative performers to create their own mind-numbing routines. The instructions and routines supplied with the effect are clear, complete and powerful. I recommend this to anyone looking for something visually unique and dramatically powerful." -Thomas Baxter


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By on  29 June 2010 (Crystal Card by Pieras Fitikides) :


hola voy a comprarme este o el vision card....alguien me puede decir si necesariamente necesitas forzar la carta? siempre sale la misma?es q sino pues me comprare el vision card que no es lo mismo pero no hay forzajes. muchas gracias!

By on  31 July 2008 (Crystal Card by Pieras Fitikides) :


pero yo creo que todas las cartas son el 7 de rombos xq edn el video sale el 7d rombos y en la caratula del juego tambien expliqenmelo

By on  16 July 2007 (Crystal Card by Pieras Fitikides) :


Muy buen truco!!! facil de hacer, necesitas saber alguna tecnica de forzaje...
En este articulo, te biene una carta plastificada...
En la descricipción pone k hay una carta de cristal, pero el efecto es brutal!!

Se puede hacer con mas de una carta...

Para mi un diez...