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DVD - Cheating at Hold\'Em: The Essentials by David Malek
  • DVD - Cheating at Hold\'Em: The Essentials by David Malek

DVD - Cheating at Hold'Em: The Essentials by David Malek

If you play Texas Hold'em (or any other poker
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If you play Texas Hold'em (or any other poker variations) for money, or for fun, it is just a matter of time before someone will try and cheat you. Cheating at Hold'em will give you the edge you need to protect yourself at the poker table. You'll quickly have the knowledge you need to prevent hustlers from scamming you, in any easy to understand format that is both fun and entertaining.

The best players in the world cannot overcome the advantage a cheater enjoys, and there are dozens of ways your game and your bankroll can be compromised. When it comes to dealing with cheating at the poker table, the knowledge in Cheating at Hold'em is your only protection.

You will, in just a few short minutes, become a far more sophisticated player, a player who's informed, alert, and up-to-date. This knowledge base will enable you to protect yourself and "level the playing field" whenever and wherever you play, whether in a casino tournament, table stakes game, or a friendly home game.

Your family and friends will look up to you as being the savvy player whom they can trust. They will rely on you to protect them by implementing and teaching them what they need to know, in order to enhance their gaming experience, by making play fair, fun, and safe.

You will become an Expert on:

Marked Cards


Proper Inspection of a New Deck

Peeking and Flashing

Second Dealing

Inter-Related Nature of Scams

Check Copping (Stealing Chips)

Splash Moves

Devices Used to Cheat

How to Properly Shuffle, Cut and Deal

Proper Way to Look at Your Hand

Dealing with Friends and Kibitzers

The Use of Plastic Cards

What to Do if You Suspect or Catch Someone Cheating

Plus - You Get Protection and Detection Tips for all These Sections and More

Who is David Malek?

David Malek is considered one of the worlds foremost experts on game protection. His sleight-of-hand skill with cards and dice is legendary. Mr. Malek puts on presentation for law enforcement, casino personnel and celebrity clients. He works as a gambling consultant for film and television productions, as well as giving demonstrations at trade shows and hospitality suites for a variety of Fortune 500 companies. Mr Malek lives in Newport Beach, California.

Running Time Approximately 1hr 50min

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