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DVD - Cigapen by Black\'s Magic & Jesse Feinberg
  • DVD - Cigapen by Black\'s Magic & Jesse Feinberg

DVD - Cigapen by Black's Magic & Jesse Feinberg

A Visual Transformation of a Cigarette into a Pen
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A Visual Transformation of a Cigarette into a Pen

Cigapen - is the ultimate pocket trick to carry around with you so you can do magic anytime, anywhere, and for anyone. It is a visual transformation of a cigarette into a standard pen.

Brought to you for the first time on DVD, magician extraordinaire Jesse Feinberg introduces how to make his well-known Cigapen gimmick from scratch. All you need is this DVD, a few minutes of your time, a couple cigarettes, and you'll be off and running with a dynamite effect to add to your repertoire.

Here's what people see:

You walk up to a friend, someone at a club, school, work or even a family member. You borrow a cigarette-it can even be lit-and you display it fairly in your hand.

Then with nothing more than a flick of the wrist, just like real magic would look like, it instantly and visually changes to a pen! You show both sides of the pen. They're shocked. Like, WTF jus happened.

You take the cap off the pen and the cigarette falls out.

The person you showed it to is so impressed the tell a friend, who tells another friend, who tells important and rich people who book you for shows. Pretty soon, you're famous and even nominated for a massive award in your country. And all because of Cigapen. Get it today.

Running Time Approximately 40min


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