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DVD - Monty the Spiv by Matthew Garrett
  • DVD - Monty the Spiv by Matthew Garrett

DVD - Monty the Spiv by Matthew Garrett

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The effect is you open a brand new deck of cards. You show the card in their new deck order. You shuffle and cut the pack and then tell a story using the cards. Despite the shuffles and repeated cutting of the cards throughout the routine all the cards turn up at the correct place in the story.

Repeatedly as you tell the tale, you genuinely lose a card in the middle of the deck and find it again. You are able to include fancy cuts and flourishes during the course of the trick. Every card in the deck is used as you appear to show a mastery of the cards in a highly entertaining routine.


Suitable for beginners and experts. Includes Matthew's original "new deck order" gimmick cards.

DVD Contents



Live Performance

Learning the Order

Details of Order

Find the Joker

Going Past the Joker

False Cuts (1-5)

Basic Routine

Fitting Patter

Thumb Fan

Spinning Cards

Blank Fan

Sprining Cards

Pressure Fan


KM Move

Double Lift

Push Through Shuffle

Packet Vanish


Multiple Card Production

thumb Count: Finding the Age

Correcting the Order

Deck Switches

Preforming Conditions

"What a great idea for showing a pack in new deck order when it's actually stacked for something completely different." - Daryl The Magician's Magician

Running Time: Approximately 2hrs

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