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DVD - Out of the Routine by John Van Der Put

Nine routines taken directly from the award-winning repertoire
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Nine routines taken directly from the award-winning repertoire of contemporary magician John van der Put, including:

Smoked A chosen and marked cigarette rises eerily from a borrowed packet in the spectators hand before leaping clean out of the pack. Smoking kills, and with this effect, you can too!

Flypaper ThreeFly with a playing card! A selected card is torn into pieces, one kept by the spectator as a receipt. The remaining three pieces travel visibly piece by piece from one hand to the other at finger tips. The three pieces then magically fuse together, leaving the spectators receipt matching perfectly.

E.T.E. The effect that has fed and clothed the wonderput for the past four years. Incredibly powerful, completely commercial, 104% practical. John uses this at every table, at every gig, everywhere. Get your business card into their hand, increase your tips and blow them away. This one routine is worth many, many times the cost of the DVD.

The Visual Deck Producer An unfolded and empty card box is shown both sides and assembled, with a little shake a deck of cards audibly appears. Take them out and youre ready to continue the wow.

Outside the box A thought of card appears under the box in this three-phase routine. A new approach to the misdirection involved means that this is a totally practical routine that you can perform standing, seated, at tables or in walk around.

Losing Face An incredible all-back ace routine with a borrowed deck. Not one for the beginners, but the experienced card handler will love it.

Plus baby ghosts, bill switches, bonus show footage and much, much more...

Running Time Approximately 1hr 39min


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