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DVD - El Proyecto VS - 2 DVDs - Paul Pickford
  • DVD - El Proyecto VS - 2 DVDs - Paul Pickford

DVD - El Proyecto VS - 2 DVDs - Paul Pickford

Idioma: Inglés
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Idioma: Inglés
Título Original: The VS Project (2 DVD) by Paul Pickford

Alakazam Magic se complace en ofrecer a la fraternidad mágica la cartomagia underground de Paul Pickford.

El proyecto VS exhibe algunas de las creaciones más destacadas de Paul, su enfoque de la prestidigitación, la psicología del timing y la misdirection así como su interpretación de algunos efectos clásicos. Lo primordial de estos DVDs es el método de Paul para una soberbia y a menudo subestimada técnica de Marlo, incluyendo todas sus sutilezas y timing con lujo de detalles.

Es hora de agarrar tu baraja, ponte cómodo y mira y aprende esta cartomagia excepcional que disfrutarás de realizar, y tu público disfrutará de ver una y otra vez.


Efectos Presentados en estos DVDs:

Hofzinser's Aces
A extremely quick and magical version of this classic in Magic. This is ideal as an opener and is guaranteed to take them by surprise. Plus an explanation of a bonus version that stays true to the original plot.

Double Thought
Based on Derren Brown's effect "Double Think". The magician slowly reveals the name of a chosen card by reading body language. He then proves that he knew the name of a merely thought of card, right from the very beginning.

Ace/King Transpo
The aces are instantly produced from a shuffled pack and placed into the box. The magician attempts to find the kings but finds the aces again instead. The cards in the box turn out to be the kings.

2 Out Of 3 Ain't Bad
First spectator removes a card, second peeks at a card and a third merely thinks of a card. All three cards are found from a shuffled pack ending with the magician getting the thought of card, on the nail, every time.

The magician has four attempts to find a chosen card. All four cards are wrong then one card magically changes into the chosen card and as a kicker the other cards suddenly change into its three mates.

Psychic Ace Of Spades
The ace of spades is placed into the box. A card is merely thought of. Astonishingly the two cards change places.

2 Thought Of Cards
Two spectators each think of a card. The magician places a card inside the box. Without any questions he finds the first thought of card. The other thought of card turns out to be the one placed into the box.

3 Card Sandwich
Three cards chosen and a rollercoaster sandwich routine with multiple moments of magic.

The Magician's Assistant
The name of a randomly chosen stranger is used to find a chosen card. Please do not overlook this effect, it gets great reactions despite the simple method.

The spectator makes a series of choices, narrowing the deck down to one card. Amazingly, it matches the card being held in full view on the magicians outstretched palm from the very start. No wordplay, no equivoque, an extremely direct version of the classic "Open Prediction" effect.

Computer Pack
The pack is used as a computer, producing information that leads to a chosen card. All seems to have gone wrong until the magician turns the tables, leading to a kicker ending. This is Paul's version of the classic effect "Dunbury Delusion".

Acs To Pocket
A chosen card is lost in the pack which is then placed into the box. Only the four aces remain. Suddenly the aces go on a magical journey, leaving a surprise discovery of the chosen card.

The Travellers
This is Paul's version of the all time classic "The Travellers". It is a tour de force of many magical moments and has produced gasps from a room full of magicians on more than one occasion.

Colour Mark
The magician shows the spectators is skills by finding all the best cards in a shuffled deck. He then amazes them even more by revealing just how he did it.

Based on the Paul Harris effect "Wack The Pack", a merely thought of card, disappears from under the spectators hand and reappears inside the cardbox. Taking the Paul Harris classic to the next level, this effect stuns both laypeople and magicians alike.

Idioma: Inglés

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