The Inversion Holder - David Penn y TCC
    • The Inversion Holder - David Penn y TCC
    • The Inversion Holder - David Penn y TCC
    • The Inversion Holder - David Penn y TCC
    • The Inversion Holder - David Penn y TCC
    • The Inversion Holder - David Penn y TCC
    • The Inversion Holder - David Penn y TCC

    The Inversion Holder - David Penn & TCC

    The Inversion Holder is a top magic prop designed by David Penn. It is perfect for magicians who wear tight suits and don't want to carry fruit in their pockets. This gadget fits around the waist and hides the fruit on your back, no one will see it! It is made of sturdy steel and can be adjusted to different angles, ideal for both right-handed and left-handed people.

    With the Inversion Holder, you can make natural and smooth movements when picking fruit, which makes your act more smooth. In addition, you can use multiple holders together and it comes with elastic bands to hold fruits of different sizes. The package includes the Inversion Holder, rubber bands and an online tutorial by David Penn.

    The Inversion Holder is the perfect solution for modern magicians.

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    The Inversion Holder - David Penn y TCC

    Producing a piece of fruit is considered one of the best ways to end a stand-up Cups and Balls routine. However, carrying the fruit in a jacket pocket can be bulky and obvious, especially for magicians who wear slim-fit suits.

    Here comes The Inversion Holder - a hidden weapon designed by David Penn, a seasoned expert in performing the Cups and Balls routines in a strolling environment. Ergonomically designed to correspond to the human waistline, it perfectly conceals the fruit or final loads behind your back, remaining completely invisible when worn.

    Constructed from high-tensile steel, the Inversion Holder is a stable, durable, and long-lasting accessory. The steel undergoes professional fabrication, bending, hand-welding, grinding, and painting, providing a secure grip on the fruit during performances.

    It can be rotated to adjust to different angles and is convenient for both left- and right-handed. Multiple holders can be used together, and it comes with rubber bands to secure fruit or final load of various sizes.

    The Inversion Holder allows you to achieve a natural and smooth motion when retrieving the fruit or final loads, making it an ideal solution for magicians, especially those who wear slim-fit suits. It eliminates the bulk typically associated with carrying fruit in a pocket and provides a seamless performance.


    • Stable, durable, and long-lasting
    • Ergonomically designed to fit the human waistline
    • Enables a natural and smooth movement

    What's included:

    • The Inversion Holder
    • Rubber Bands for securing fruit or final load of various sizes
    • Online tutorial by David Penn

    Difficulty: Intermediate
    Online instructions

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