Purchasing your downloads

  • Choose the download products you want to purchase and add them to your cart, can be videos and ebooks.
  • The shipping method is irrelevant, you will not be charged for shipping. (If you make an order combined with physical products, there will be shipping charges)
  • The shipping address is irrelevant, no matter which one is it. (If you make an order combined with physical products, you must select a shipping address)
  • Choose one of the three possible payment methods: Bank transfer, PayPal or Card. It is not possible to pay an order of downloads with cash or COD.
  • Finally, confirm your order and you are done!


The downloads and streaming work of most browsers. Particularly for Safari, iphone y ipad you must disable the setting "Prevent cross-site tracking". If you need assistance on this, please, email us directly.

Searching downloads

We have implemented a new feature to enhance your experience. In the download area, we now have an exclusive search engine that allows you to search directly among the available downloads. This tool is different from the general search engine that you find on the other product pages, which only allows you to search among the products. This way, you can more easily find what you are looking for in each section.

Accessing your downloads

When will I receive the download? Within our working hours, in a few minutes you will receive an email with the instructions to access your Streaming Area, where you will find your downloads. Out of our working hours, weekends and bank holidays, this email may be received a few hours later.

Login / Access to your Streaming Area: The email account to access your Streaming Area is the same one that you use for your customer's account at Tiendamagia.com. The password, however, is different and it is exclusive to access your Streaming Area. We recommend saving this access data, since all the downloads you purchase from now on are always there, in your Streaming Area.

Streaming Area: https://tiendamagia.com/en/content/20-access-your-downloads

Inside your Streaming Area. You will find the links to all the downloads you have purchased.


Benefits : You can watch your purchased download whenever you want, at any time of the day, either on streaming or download them.

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