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Daredevil Deck - by Henry Evans
  • Daredevil Deck - by Henry Evans

Daredevil Deck - by Henry Evans

This is the first release
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This is the first release of the cooperation between Henry Evans and Card-Shark!

The Daredevil Deck seems to be an innocent Phoenix Deck, but it is marked in a devious way!

You will not believe it! It is THAT bold!

A marked deck that you can read blindfolded, with markings 350% bigger than the Phoenix Marked Decks and 700% bigger than the Ultimate Marked Deck!

Perfect for Parlour, Stage and Video Performances. And for all magicians with bad eyesight, who cannot use a Marked Deck any longer.

The included DVD teaches Henry's Killer Routine, using the Daredevil Deck!



"How much to keep this a secret? Please send me enough bricks to build a house." - Charlie Frye

"Holy Crap" - Marc Desouza

"This made me a believer in supernatural powers!" - Rocco

"That REALLY Blew My Mind!!! Most Amazing Marked Deck I've EVER seen!!" - Doc Eason

"Even though I designed it, I could not believe that this marking would stay unnoticed. And now, at every convention where I let magicians handle the deck, Henry proves me wrong. His idea is brilliant and he knows exactly how far he can go!" - Card-Shark


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