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    • Card Magic and Trick Decks Cardfixes J. Racherbaumer eBook DOWNLOAD MMSMEDIA - 1

    Cardfixes J. Racherbaumer eBook DOWNLOAD

    Jon Racherbaumer is a seasoned writer in the world of close-up and card magic, with a collection of influential works spanning over two decades. He has authored well-known titles such as Marlo Without Tears and Card Finesse, as well as published magazines like Hierophant and Kabbala. Racherbaumer's Cardfixes is a comprehensive volume in the Cardician Trilogy, offering a diverse range of tricks for card enthusiasts of all skill levels. The book features contributions from esteemed magicians like Larry Jennings and Simon Aronson, making it a must-have for anyone interested in the latest developments in card magic.

    Cardfixes contains over 50 items, catering to performers, collectors, and magic enthusiasts alike.

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    Cardfixes J. Racherbaumer eBook DOWNLOAD

    Jon Racherbaumer has been writing on close-up and card magic for over two decades. Starting with The Artful Dodges of Eddie Fields, he has written a dozen influential works including Marlo Without Tears, At the Table, Card Finesse, Gaffed to the Hilt, The Ascanio Spread, and Arch Triumphs. He also published Hierophant, Kabbala, and Sticks & Stones, magazines meant to stir, polarize, instruct, and inspire. And he ran a popular column in M-U-M called "At The Table" for a couple of years.

    The first volume of the real world Cardician Trilogy, Jon Racherbaumer's Cardfixes is a thought provoking collection of fresh tricks and ideas for today's cardman. Designed for everyone who loves card magic, whether they perform, watch, collect or simply read about what's happening here and now in the field. There are tricks requiring no skill, some skill, and exceptional skill. There are miracles with and without gaffs. Over 200 pages, more than 50 items, and sumptuously graced with 156 crystal-clear photographs, Cardfixes combines top quality production with professional state-of-the-art magic including significant contributions by Ron Bauer, Nick Trost, Larry Jennings, Dave Solomon, Simon Aronson, Bob Stencel, Gene Castillon, Terry Lagerould, Paul Diamond, and others.




    Ayes of the Gods
    Torque'd and Topped
    Olram Catches A Card
    A Stripper Catches A Card
    Tossing Lunch
    When Collectors Become Catchers
    Visual Retention Sandwich
    What's The Point Of This Departure?
    Fixing The Vegas Split
    Predictable Princess
    Of The Psychic Princess Presentation
    Fuddle Aces
    Late-Night Arising
    Sudden Sandwich
    What About Hummer's Number?
    Waylaid Assembly
    A Case For Hofzinser
    Marlo's Third Solution To Hofzinser's Card Problem
    Homing Kings
    Sandwich For Stebbins
    Boozy Poker Revisited
    Post-It Prediction
    Figures Versus Prefiguration
    Biddling Brown In The Round
    Crossing A Princess
    Surreal Monte
    Backing The Universal Card
    The Zen Two-Shooter
    Rising Robbers
    A Night In The Big Easy
    Mexican Addition
    The Dreamy Dream Clock
    Beat The Clock
    Stranger Siamese Strangers
    Spectator Card To Wallet
    Unstacked Peek-Look-Think
    Unhappy Students
    Fixing The Gazinta
    Reversing The Field
    If You're Going To Peek, Look, and Think, At Least Pique, Hook, and Link
    The Broken Clock
    The Post-Pineapple Surprise
    Prelude To Touch Turn
    Olram Ace Vanishes
    Two-Card Force-Field Ceremony
    Off-Color Reset
    Psi Stebbins Lie Speller
    Tale of the Tell
    Adding the Aronson Kicker
    Completely Blown Away
    Polish Princess Card Trick
    Ninety Degrees In The Shade
    Topping Mental Topper

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