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LinkCard by Mickaël Chatelain
  • LinkCard by Mickaël Chatelain
  • LinkCard by Mickaël Chatelain

LinkCard by Mickaël Chatelain

This card magic trick is a classic, but we bring you the cleanest version you've ever seen. With only 2 cards, you can link the cards in front of the spectators. The best part is that at the end, you can give them to examine the cards and they will find nothing. It's so simple, even an 8 year old can do it - it's the perfect trick to wow everyone this summer!

LinkCard comes 100% complete and ready to use, including an explanatory video. You don't need to make anything, you can perform the trick in minutes after watching the video. And when you discover the "secret", you'll be blown away. Get ready to amaze everyone with this trick!!!

Tax included Available and ready to ship.

A great classic in magic and a very well known magic trick !

There exist so many versions of linking cards, some of them are totally unrealizable or they use hard handlings.
Today, we propose to you the cleanest version you have ever seen, with just 2 playing cards !
Perform this amazing effect in front of your spectator, by enclosing 2 cards just in front of spectators eyes…
At the end, without any change you can give cards to examine and even as a souvenir… nothing to see !
Mickaël creates such a simple and efficient gimmick that even a 8 years old kid can perform it in a few minutes !
With family, friends, on social media or in cocktails, everywhere this is the trick of your summer !

LINKCARD is delivered 100% full - ready to perform (gimmick included + explanation video)
Nothing to manufacture, LinkCard can be performed just a few minutes after seeing the explanations video.
Remember your feelings when you will discover the « secret » you will be blown away and amazed !

Difficulty: Beginner
Online instructions

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