Locator Deck by Gogo Cuerva TiendaMagia - 1
    • Locator Deck by Gogo Cuerva TiendaMagia - 1

    Locator Deck by Gogo Cuerva

    It is an everyday deck of cards that allows you to quickly and easily identify any card chosen by your audience. It does not use traditional methods such as rough or short cards, and its secret is virtually undetectable.

    It comes ready to use and with an instructional video that will teach you three different effects to fool your audience. The cards are Bicycle Rider Back. You will be able to find selected cards as if you have a tracking device installed on them.

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    It's not a stripper deck. It's not a Svengali deck. It doesn't use rough smooth, or short cards, or thick cards. The secret is virtually indetectable, and the best part is, you can use this as your everyday pack of cards!

    Locator Deck allows you to quickly and easily identify any card or cards freely selected by your audience. This is an underground system that gamblers have taken advantage of for decades to crush their opponents, and now it can be yours.

    Locator Deck comes ready to go right out of the box. You’ll also receive an instructional video from Gogo Cuerva, who has been using this incredible system to fool magicians and lay audiences across the country. You’ll learn three different effects where a card is selected, lost in the deck, and then revealed under impossible conditions. Manufactured by the United States Playing Card Company and printed on Bicycle Rider Back stock, these cards are a dream to handle. You’ll be finding selected cards like you had a tracking device installed in them when you perform with The Locator Deck by Gogo Cuerva.

    Difficulty: Beginner
    Online instructions

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