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OFF SET By Sebastien Calbry
  • OFF SET By Sebastien Calbry

OFF SET By Sebastien Calbry

Offset Printing
Tax included Available and ready to ship.

Offset Printing Bespoke Ultra Flash!

Just looking at pictures you will realize the impact that this effect will have on your audience.

In less than a second fraction, you can produce any inscription on the back of the deck box.

This amazing tool will offer many opportunities for you to customize and create your own twists for this effect.


- Introduction by the appearance of your stage name

- Disclosure of the identity of a card chosen by the spectator

- Routine mentalism (any word, date, number ...)

- Closure by the appearance of a keyword (goodbye, thank you ...)

- Rising (draw a case and make a rising of the chosen map)


Your Imagination is your only LIMIT!

Make a HUGE Visual Impact on your audience

Multiple Effects

100% Customizable


"it's a card trick, but God; it's a good one!" - David Penn


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