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Royal-T - Gordon Bean
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Royal-T - Gordon Bean

Looking for a magic trick that will blow your audience away? Check out Royal-T by Gordon Bean. It's an incredible version of Three Card Monte that includes impossible transpositions and mind-blowing visual transformations. Imagine one card turning into two and then seeming to jump from hand to hand as if by magic - and that's just the beginning!

With Royal-T, you get a special gimmicked card that makes all the magic possible. Plus, you get detailed instructions from Nick Locapo for great reactions. Best of all, this gimmick resets instantly, perfect for cocktail and strolling magicians. Royal-T fits in your wallet but stays in your audience's memory forever.

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The card that they are looking for always ends up in the place they least expect. This is a demonstration of Three-Card Monte that features impossible transpositions your audience will have to see to believe. This is Royal-T by Gordon Bean.

Here’s what happens:
The magician shares a game of Three-Card Monte with their audience that uses a pair of threes and the queen of hearts. The first two phases of the routine feature asymmetrical transpositions, where one card turns into two, and blindingly visual transformations, where cards appear to leap from hand to hand as though by magic. The final phase sees the three of hearts fairly placed to the side, and the queen of hearts and the three of clubs openly placed into a small envelope. Impossibly, and with no moves, the three of hearts is discovered in the envelope, and the queen is found to have been sitting in the open on the table from the very beginning.

Royal-T comes with a specially gimmicked card that makes all of the magic possible. In addition to the included gaff, you receive expert instructions from Nick Locapo on how to make this astonishing effect get big reactions. Best of all, this trick instantly resets. Perfect for walkaround and cocktail performers, Royal-T fits in your wallet but lasts in your audience’s memory forever. Elevate your game of Three-Card Monte to nobility with Royal-T by Gordon Bean.

Difficulty: Beginner
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