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The Vault - Skymember Presents Space Bander by Dr. Cyril Thomas


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The creator of Psychobands, Dr. Cyril Thomas is back with another piece of eye candy! Say hello to Space Bander; an extremely visual rubber band penetration effect that is suitable for everyone. It is practical, easy to do, and yes, it is insanely visual. You present two rubber bands and stretch them out. You borrow a bill from your spectator and ask them to place it in between the two rubber bands. Without any cover, you magically move the rubber bands into another dimension and they penetrate the borrowed bill. The borrowed object is not limited to the bill; it could be playing cards, credit cards or even their finger. In this project, Calvin Liew, Creator of the Art of Rubber Band (AORB) will teach you all of the handlings that you need to know to perform this in real life. Detailed instructions are in English. Wait no further, download Space Bander now and fool your friends and family during this quarantine period.

Tipo de Descarga:Video

Idioma: Inglés

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