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    Picture Consequences by Joel Dickinson

    Perfect for all ages, guaranteed success! First you introduce the silhouette of a body and you display a variety of different heads, bodies and legs, plus the Rules of the game. The participant chooses a head, a body and finally the legs.

    He can even change their mind. He or she has created a unique piece of art from a large array of options. Yet, somehow the magician knew exactly what they would choose way ahead of time.

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    Picture Consequences is fun, colorful and engaging.

    Finally, a routine that is perfect for all age groups and guarantees to leave everybody baffled.

    Under the guise of a game, your participant (or participants) creates a unique piece of art, yet somehow, their choices were predicted well ahead of time!

    You can perform this up-close or take it to the stage!

    Set includes high-quality cards, vinyl board, game instruction sheet with spare, a plastic box to protect everything and a full video explanation!

    All props required fit in one box, including the board, so pop it in your pocket and you're set to perform a full routine that packs a punch.

    This routine takes multiple outs to a whole new level.. every out is strong and there is no memory work.

    "Joel has once again taken a brilliant principle and presented it in a way which will work for both children and adults. The layering of the effect turns it from a game to a stunning psychological experience. Cards, the board and other materials are colorful and memory enhancing for your spectators. The premise of a game works brilliantly. Love this"
    - Jay Adkins, mentalist.

    Fun, engaging, visual. Plays for one or three people. Packs flat. No memory work. No reset. This ticks all my boxes."
    - Paul Knight, magician

    Difficulty: Beginner

    Online instructions

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