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The Sharaku - Tenyo
  • The Sharaku - Tenyo

The Sharaku - Tenyo

Prepare to amaze with a magical Kabuki tableau! Ask someone to choose a random card from a blank deck of cards. As the cards are passed across the table, they transform into a Japanese ukiyoe mosaic.

Best of all, the selected card appears precisely within the kabuki actor's portrait. It's magic and art in one, ready to blow everyone's mind!

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Produce a menacing Kabuki painting!

A spectator is invited to say any random playing card that comes to mind. The magician displays a deck of blank playing cards, with nothing printed on either side. As he slowly drags the edge of the deck along the table, the cards magically print and arrange themselves into a large mosaic depicting a famous Japanese ukiyoe painting. The randomly selected playing card is accurately revealed within the portrait of the kabuki actor!

Difficulty: No skill required
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