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The Ultimate Puzzle - TCC
  • The Ultimate Puzzle - TCC
  • The Ultimate Puzzle - TCC
  • The Ultimate Puzzle - TCC
  • The Ultimate Puzzle - TCC
  • The Ultimate Puzzle - TCC
  • The Ultimate Puzzle - TCC

The Ultimate Puzzle - TCC

This Winston Freer-inspired puzzle is an effect that will last a lifetime. You take pieces out of a rectangular frame and even if you remove one, two or three, the puzzle still forms a perfect rectangle. The best part is that there is no secret trickery, nothing is added or stolen. You can even do it backwards, adding pieces and keeping the area the same.

The method is ingenious, based on mathematical principles. It's a masterpiece that you and your audience will love. The product, measuring 18cm x 14cm and 1cm thick, includes 10 premium rosewood blocks. The puzzle fits perfectly in its frame, even after removing 3 pieces.No splicing, stealing or shifting!

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The Ultimate Puzzle - TCC

Inspired by Winston Freer.

This effect should last a lifetime or longer.

The Ultimate Puzzle - This may be the best version you have ever seen.

You bring out puzzle pieces that are arranged into a rectangular frame. You remove one of the pieces, yet the remaining pieces still make up a perfect rectangle. Not only one piece, but you even remove a second, then the third piece. Each time when a piece is removed, you can easily reassembles the puzzle into a rectangle.

In the end, even after removing the pieces, the surface area of the entire block puzzle remains the same and still fits perfectly in the wooden frame it came out of.

More importantly, there are no secret moves involved in this effect. Nothing is added or stolen, and the reassembles are clean.

You can also do the effect backward. Add three extra pieces to the puzzle, and the area remains the same.

The method is genius - based on mathematical principles, the area and volume are cleverly stolen after the pieces are overturned.

This is truly a masterpiece that you and your audience will love.

This video is pretty great to explain how this works, enjoy.


  • Block thickness: 1cm
  • Overall product size: 18cm x 14cm
  • Number of blocks: 10


  • Made with top-quality rosewood, perfect for the performer and collector.
  • The wooden puzzle fits perfectly inside of a frame;
  • After 3 pieces are removed, it still fits the frame precisely the same as when you started.
  • No palming, no stealing, no switching.

Difficulty: Intermediate
Online instructions with subtitles

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