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Twin Block Penetro
  • Twin Block Penetro
  • Twin Block Penetro
  • Twin Block Penetro
  • Twin Block Penetro

Twin Block Penetro

This magic trick is a real puzzle. The magician shows a pipe, an iron bar and two blocks. He puts the bar in one block, puts it in the tube, puts the other block on top and puts the lid on it. He snaps his fingers, taps the lid and voila! The block that was trapped is now free and the other is trapped in the bar.

This trick is elegant and lovingly crafted from teak wood. Best of all, everything is controllable and the audience can even choose which block to imprison on the bar first - a very intriguing close-up magic effect! The blocks are made of teak wood.

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The performer displays a tube, a small iron bar, two blocks and a lid. He inserts the bar into one of the two blocks and places it in the tube. Then, he places the other block on top of the one imprisoned in the bar. He covers everything with the lid. He snaps his fingers, smacks the lid and as he removes it everyone will see that the captive block is now free, while the other is imprisoned in the bar!

✔ Very intriguing close-up effect.
✔ Everything is decidedly elegant and made with extreme care in teak wood.
✔ The tube measures 6.5 (l) x 13.5 (h) x 15.5 (d) cm. The blocks 4.5 cm per side.
✔ Everything can be controlled if desired. The public can even choose, if necessary, which block to imprison first in the bar!

Difficulty: Beginner
Online instructions in italian with spanish subtitles

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