Ago by Dan Alex - Video DOWNLOAD
    • Ago by Dan Alex - Video DOWNLOAD

    Ago by Dan Alex - Video DOWNLOAD

    Dan Alex has come up with another mind-blowing trick that will leave you shocked. In this trick, the magician starts by showing a deck of cards and asks a spectator to choose one and sign it to make it unique. The chosen card is then pushed back into the deck.

    Next, the magician reveals a needle lying on their sleeve and announces their intention to find the chosen card with it. To everyone's surprise, the magician puts the needle in their mouth and spits it towards the deck of cards. When they show their mouth to be completely empty, it is revealed that the needle has actually pierced the chosen card. This incredible trick is a must-have for any magician's repertoire.

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    Ladies and gentlemen, after Small Vision, Into The Hole and Liquid T., a new and shocking trick devised by the sick mind of Dan Alex!

    The magician shows a deck of cards, the spectator chooses one of them, then sign it to make it unique, in the end pushes it into the deck.

    The magician shows a needle lying on the sleeve, and says he wants to find the chosen card with the needle.

    At this point the magician puts the needle in his mouth and spits it against the cards!
    Showing mouth completely empty and in fact the needle pierced the chosen card!

    A wonderful trick that can not miss in your repertoire. What aspects?
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    Warning the trick is for people who are over 18+ years.

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