Alex Elmsley Tahoe Sessions- 2 video DOWNLOAD
    • Alex Elmsley Tahoe Sessions- 2 video DOWNLOAD

    Alex Elmsley Tahoe Sessions- 2 video DOWNLOAD

    Alex Elmsley is a highly respected figure in the world of close-up magic. He is renowned for his creation of the Elmsley Count and is considered one of the greatest innovators in card and close-up magic of the 20th century. In Volume Two of his work, Elmsley showcases his exceptional skills with tricks such as 1002nd Aces, Repulsive Aces, and The Elmsley Rising Card. He also shares insights and interviews on techniques like the Faro Shuffle and Collinspell. This collection is a testament to Elmsley's brilliance and is a must-have for any serious magician or magic enthusiast.
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    Alex Elmsley is unquestionably one of close-up magic's modern masters. You probably know him from the Elmsley Count. He has long been recognized as one of the Twentieth Century's most brilliant innovators of card and close-up magic. This is magic of the highest caliber from one of the greatest minds in close-up conjuring.

    Volume Two

    1002nd Aces
    Repulsive Aces
    The Elmsley Rising Card
    Interview - The Faro Shuffle
    Interview - More on the Faro
    The Floating Ladies


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