At the Table Live Lecture - Joshua Jay 10/8/2014 - video DOWNLOAD
    • At the Table Live Lecture - Joshua Jay 10/8/2014 - video DOWNLOAD

    At the Table Live Lecture - Joshua Jay 10/8/2014 - video DOWNLOAD

    Joshua Jay is a well-known magician who has made a name for himself with his impressive magic effects, routines, and theory. He has written a popular book, published numerous articles, and released DVDs showcasing his talents. In his upcoming lecture, he will be sharing a mix of magic tricks, including both previously published material and brand new, never-before-seen effects. One of the highlights of the lecture is "Hitchcock," a suspenseful and surprising card trick that has received acclaim worldwide. Another standout is "Totally Triumph," a stunning version of the classic Triumph trick with an impressive production move. "Back in Time" is a captivating effect that combines presentation, technique, and an engaging theme to transport the audience to an unusual place.
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    Joshua Jay: You all know the name! As a young lad, Joshua started dazzling the magic world with amazing effects, routines and theory! He has published numerous articles, DVDs and has authored a best-selling book! This lecture will include magic that has been in print before, plus all-new, never before seen material as well! There will be a diverse mix of magic for everyone!

    Hitchcock - A card effect with both suspense and surprise. This effect has been heralded all over the world and is featured in Joshua's one man show, but has never been published in video DVD format.

    Totally Triumph - A stunning version of Triumph with a nifty production move that you will want to add to your repertoire.

    Back in Time - This effect has it all--the presentation, technique, and theme that will engage an audience and take them to a very unusual place.

    Cornered Plus - A completely impromptu routine with a borrowed bill that has it all.

    Prism Deck - Josh's signature color-changing deck routine. You have to see this live to believe it.

    Phantom Deck - Not available anywhere except AT THE TABLE, this is a closer for ANY card routine in which you cause the entire deck to turn clear.

    Inferno - This is Josh's newest effect, and it won "Trick of the Year." A named card appears in a matchbox. Here you will find all the latest work on this captivating routine.

    Any Card, Any Number - This is a VERY original and surprising version of the classic effect. If you want to learn a trick that people remember forever, don't miss this.

    Triad Coins - Josh's new principle with coins that can be used in many, many different ways.

    NOTE: Due to the nature of live events, the trick list may change.