At the Table Live Lecture Woody Aragon December 16th 2015 video DOWNLOAD
    • At the Table Live Lecture Woody Aragon December 16th 2015 video DOWNLOAD

    At the Table Live Lecture Woody Aragon December 16th 2015 video DOWNLOAD

    Woody Aragon, a renowned card magician from Spain, is known for his incredible skills and willingness to share his secrets. In an At The Table Experience, Woody not only entertains but also teaches some of the most powerful close-up magic tricks. One of his impressive tricks, called Blushing, involves a spectator naming two cards, and one of them magically appears with a different colored back in the deck. Another trick, Vanishing Card, demonstrates a clever way to make a card disappear without any sleight of hand. Woody also showcases Psychic Poker, where he accurately predicts the poker hands in four piles of cards, with the outcome written on a folded bill. Additionally, he teaches various false shuffles that will enhance any magician's repertoire.

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    He is quite possibly one of the best card magicians alive, but judging by his generosity and willingness to share his most precious secrets, you would never know. All the way from Spain, we welcome the one and only Woody Aragon to an At The Table Experience! Woody will delve in to his loveable character and not only delight you but teach you some of the strongest close-up magic available, including false shuffles, vanishing cards and an effect that fooled Greg Wilson! Just take a look at some of the things you could learn!:

    Blushing- The effect that fooled Gregory Wilson!!! The spectator names two cards. Once they do you spread through the deck and one of the spectators thought of cards is the only card in the deck that that has a different colored back. You very fairly and cleanly place the card on the table and it changes to the second thought of card!

    Vanishing Card- Woody talks about a brilliant way to vanish a card within a deck that involves no sleight of hand!

    Psychic Poker- An effect you'll have to see to believe ladies and gentleman! A folded bill is placed on the table and the spectator shuffles the deck. They then deal 4 piles of 5 cards and you know which poker hands are in each pile! Not only that but the outcome is all written on the bill!

    False Shuffles- Woody teaches several deceiving false shuffles that will go straight into your arsenal!

    Back In Time- A brilliant mix between any card and any number and torn and restored card that will have your spectator wanting to go "back in time" to try and figure out how you did it.

    What To Do When You Fail An Effect- Get advice from a pro as he talks about what to do when you fail an effect. This is something that every magician should know!

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