Back To The Launching Pad by Michael Breggar eBook DOWNLOAD
    • Back To The Launching Pad by Michael Breggar eBook DOWNLOAD

    Back To The Launching Pad by Michael Breggar eBook DOWNLOAD

    Michael Breggar's latest collection of amazing, fun and well-constructed magical pieces, "Back To The Launching Pad", is a must-have for any serious magician

    With no sleight of hand required, the nine professional and practical routines in this book will leave your audience in awe

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    Michael Breggar, the award-winning author of "Auto-Magic" (seen monthly in The Linking Ring), is back with another collection of amazing, fun and well-constructed magical pieces. As in his previous best-selling book, the Five Roads to Vegas, some the effects have been previously published, but they have been further refined with more detailed explanations and performance notes.

    True to the "Auto-Magic" mantra, the routines in this book are professional and practical, yet none require sleight of hand. As Michael always stresses, since the performance is the effect, the tricks need to be clever, layered, deceptive and, most of all, entertaining.

    Michael helps you navigate through each routine with careful descriptions and well-honed patter. However, you can easily adapt each effect to your own style.

    Here's what various terrestrial life-forms are saying:

    "The clever and talented Michael Breggar, major-domo of the 'Auto-Magic' column in The Linking Ring, has done it again! This time around, he has released a book filled with nine very commercial, baffling and entertaining pieces of magic that you can perform with little or no overt physical manipulation... that's right, no skill of the sleight-of-hand nature is required here. That certainly does not mean self-working, but he liberally provides not only the effects themselves (which you will love), but also engaging scripts to get you started and lots of pithy thinking and theory about a variety of subjects to ensure that your education goes beyond mere tricks. Among the highlights are one of my favorite Out Of This World routines ever created, 'Back To The Launching Pad.' This one has a very different feel to it, a truly wonderful presentation and it is so easy to perform. It is worth the meager price asked for this entire volume, but wait...there's more (no, not Ginsu Knives). Michael presents a novel and different version of the neo-classic 'Will The Cards Match' using index cards depicting recognizable couples, then another version using emojis. He also details several other effects using emojis printed on little cell phone tiles including one with a premise by Martin Gardner by way of Dan Harlan. The graphics for these cards are thoughtfully provided so you can make up your own sets. So, what would you pay now? Oh, but there is still more. Michael has included his favorite effect, 'Drawn Conclusion.' This is not a blockbuster miracle, but a funny, charming and totally unexpected card prediction that your audiences definitely will remember. Add to all of this a new ACAAN routine, a terrific two card coincidence with a surprising blow-off, a clever concept for a book test method that can be tailored to fit your specific needs because it is done with any book, a great twist on the 'double header' principle using price tags, a fun card routine combining craps, poker and blackjack, plus some great tips, presentational ploys and general advice that will help you no matter what type of magic you do. There is so much magical goodness crammed into these fifty-two pages that I think this is one of the magic bargains of the year!"
    - Marc DeSouza

    "Updates on classics with new twists at every turn with surprises guaranteed to kick the slats out from underneath your audience. More than card tricks, Back To The Launching Pad includes mentalism and more. Well written, clever variations, and commercial presentations."
    - Scott Wells, M.I.M.C. with Gold Star and Host of "The Magic Word Podcast"

    "At every level Michael works his wonders: from start to finish, with the simplest book test to complex counting forces. But he makes sure one doesn't have to struggle too hard to climb on the shoulders of giants to reach new heights. All effects are well explained, easy to follow and powerful. How he creates these effects is beside the point. But Michael's 'Auto-Magic' always leaves me and my spectators in awe."
    - Rupesh Thakur (The Nepal Illusionist)

    "Whenever I read Michael Breggar's books, I'm always impressed as to how he succeeds in wrapping entertaining routines around his ingenious ideas. His 'Back to the Launching Pad', for instance, is a superb example of his ability to enthrall an audience before thoroughly astounding them with his unique take on the 'Out of This World' plot. Similarly, 'A Whole Empty Brain' has a presentational twist on an old principle I wish I had thought of. But my all-time favorite is 'Drawn Conclusion', where a completely unexpected revelation of a freely chosen card is testament to Michael Breggar's brand of entertaining humor."
    - Michel Potts


    Back To The Launching Pad: Michael's addition to the "Out of this World" landscape, with a big difference... it's done with the cards face up! Already a favorite of several working pros.

    CAAN Opener: An old principle on top of an old U. F. Grant card trick turns it into a funny, yet still amazing Any Card at Any Number effect.

    A Whole Empty Brain: Yet another old card principle that has been redressed and relayered to surprise even the knowledgeable. Two spectators show they are in mental sync by a very fair selection of cards from a shuffled deck. Not only are their cards mates, the rest of the deck suddenly turns blank!

    Not Just Another Book Test (A.K.A. "The Two-Fingered Book Test"): Michael received an amazing amount of emails on this effect. Finally, a book test that seems organic and makes contextual sense. Or were the emails more about the "AKA" part of the title??!

    The Dating Game: Playing around with yet another old principle, Michael conjures up a fun effect where famous couples' names are listed on index cards. The cards are then torn in half and fully mixed, thus "separating" the couples. Using random throws of dice, the spectators magically reunite the couples. Usually!

    Mixed Emojis: Based on a Dan Harlan version of a Martin Gardner concept, a fabulous three-phase routine is demonstrated using domino-sized tiles depicting mobile phones with everyone's favorite excuse for not typing complete text messages!

    Cra-Ker-Jack: Michael invents a ridiculously bizarre and funny new casino game, with rules that change on a whim. The spectators are treated to an amazing routine of card magic where their random decisions find the mates to four selected cards and ultimately produce the four aces.

    The Price Is Write: From Michael's corporate repertoire, in figuring the "best price" for a silly-looking pen, the spectators write out all different prices on price tags. Through a very fair and random process of elimination, one tag is selected. The price on the tag exactly matches the amount of change in a small envelope, sitting on the table untouched from the beginning.

    Drawn Conclusion: Michael's favorite trick and frequent closer. From a shuffled deck, a spectator selects a face down card. They place their fingers lightly on top in an effort to read the card through their fingertips. The magician then tries to read the reading and draws the image on a paper. Is it the correct card? Well, sorta.

    Plus, two essays written in Michael's breezy style with more tips and presentational ideas than you can shake a stick at. If that's your idea of a good time.

    Download the eBook and learn!