Brainstorm Vol. 1 by John Guastaferro video DOWNLOAD
    • Brainstorm Vol. 1 by John Guastaferro video DOWNLOAD

    Brainstorm Vol. 1 by John Guastaferro video DOWNLOAD

    In "Brainstorm - The Creative Card Magic of John Guastaferro," magician John Guastaferro showcases his finest card tricks that are both creative and entertaining. These tricks can be performed without the need for tables or lengthy set-ups, making them accessible to any magician. Volume One of the series includes tricks such as the Ballet Cut, Fairy Tale Frogs, Troubleshooter, Lost & Found, Color Blind, Palm Reader, Club Sandwich, Double Monte, No Jokers Allowed, Detour, and Tidal Wave Aces. Each trick is carefully constructed to captivate and amaze audiences, with methods and routining designed to impress. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced magician, these tricks are sure to leave a lasting impression.
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    brain storm n. A sudden clever plan or idea. v. To think of or produce a solution.

    Brainstorm - The Creative Card Magic of John Guastaferro, features some of John's finest card creations, highlighting a unique blend of creative presentations, diabolical methods and maximum entertainment value. Most of these effects can be done strolling, without the need for tables or lengthy set up, and are within the reach of the average magician. See for yourself how well this magic plays and discover the carefully-constructed methods and routining behind the effects, all designed to captivate and floor audiences.


    Ballet Cut - Learn the real work behind John's versatile in-the-hands false cut that's simply beautiful to watch. Once you learn it, you1ll never want to do without it.

    Fairy Tale Frogs - In this charming packet trick, four frog-imprinted cards hop over one at a time, then change into princes after the spectator blows a kiss. Just wait for the final surprise!

    Troubleshooter - Quick, someone call "deck" support! Your cards have crashed, leaving nothing but backs on both sides. Here's a fun, all-backs routine with a surprising twist.

    Lost & Found - A signed card vanishes from inside a clear plastic wallet, then makes an impossible flight back inside. It uses an extremely clever method that will make you say, "Why didn't I think of that?!"

    Color Blind - Demonstrate your expert card handling in this simple, yet powerful Ace-cutting demonstration, which leads into a strong transposition.

    Palm Reader - The four Aces make a startling revelation, then change while in the spectator's hand.

    Club Sandwich - This is a quick and clever sandwich routine where two selected cards magically change places! Tune in and see for yourself how well it plays.

    Double Monte - A three-card monte exhibition ends with an absolutely impossible-looking transposition. This is a perfect follow-up to Club Sandwich.

    No Jokers Allowed - Jokers keep popping up, getting in the way of your award-winning card trick. Prove that jokers really are wild in this impromptu, magic-packed routine.

    Detour - Take your audience on a whimsical road trip as a card "drives" here and there, finally parking in your wallet. This is a fun, logical card to wallet routine you will use.

    Tidal Wave Aces - After expertly cutting to the four Aces in a topsy-turvy shuffled deck, you visibly make the entire deck change color!

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