Cabaret Mindreading Volume 1 by Ted Lesley video DOWNLOAD
    • Cabaret Mindreading Volume 1 by Ted Lesley video DOWNLOAD

    Cabaret Mindreading Volume 1 by Ted Lesley video DOWNLOAD

    This text describes a collection of impressive magic tricks that can be performed by a skilled magician. The tricks include the Ace Duet, where the spectator shuffles the deck but the magician is still able to find the Aces without touching the cards. Another trick called The Spectator as Mindreader involves the spectator locating a card that the magician is merely thinking of. The Working Performer's Card Stab is a trick where a signed card is shuffled into the deck and then the magician thrusts a dagger through one card, which turns out to be the signed card. Tossed-Out Deck is a mentalism trick where five spectators peek at a card and the magician is able to correctly name all of them.

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    • Ace Duet - A deck is freely shuffled a number of times by a spectator yet the Aces are found - all without the performer even touching the deck!
    • The Spectator as Mindreader - A baffling effect that finds the spectator locating the card the performer merely thought of.
    • The Working Performer's Card Stab - A card is signed on its back and shuffled into the pack. The cards are scattered face up as the performer thrusts a dagger through one-which is found to be the one previously selected and signed.
    • Tossed-Out Deck - Wonderful touches on David Hoy's mentalism classic. Five spectators merely peek at a card yet the performer flawlessly names them all.
    • Black Magic III - A great Bank Night effect as a spectator successfully finds a drawing placed into an envelope and mixed with three others. Unfortunately, she manages to miss out on the currency contained in the others!
    • Booktest - The performer divines a word freely selected from an ordinary paperback book. Even more amazingly, the performer then correctly identifies a word the spectator draws out of thin air.
    • Pro-monition - A spectator is asked to think of a card, which is found to be the only one missing from the deck. The performer then has a spectator remove the selected card from his pocket.
    • Center Tear - Great work on one of mentalism's most powerful tools. Mastery of this technique will give you the ability to read minds any time, any place.
    • Teleportation - A page is selected from a book by one spectator while an empty envelope is given to another. On the performer's command, a piece of the selected page vanishes and is found in the envelope. When compared, the piece fits exactly!
    • Decisions! Decisions! - A powerful version of the classic "Stop!" trick. The performer selects a card and places it into an envelope. Cards are then dealt fairly from another deck until a spectator calls 'stop.' Though it's a completely fair choice, the designated card is found to match the one in the envelope.
    • Super Force - Through the performer's apparent mental powers, one spectator locates another spectator's chosen card under impossible conditions.
    • Bending Wine Glass - Forget spoons! The performer causes a wine glass to visibly bend at the stem though he is nowhere near it. What's more, he also causes two other glasses to bend-while spectators are holding them!

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