Cardistry Project: Roaming by SaysevenT video DOWNLOAD
    • Cardistry Project: Roaming by SaysevenT video DOWNLOAD

    Cardistry Project: Roaming by SaysevenT video DOWNLOAD

    Card flourishes, or "Cardistry", is becoming increasingly popular worldwide

    In Indonesia, the people who love cardistry are called INDOCARDISTS, and I come from West Borneo, Pontianak City, where there is a community dedicated to cardistry

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    Many people enjoy card flourishes and their new popular name, "Cardistry".

    In my country, like in Indonesia, many love earning these card flourishes. I am from West Borneo, Pontianak City, and I have a community around here whose name is "Cardistry Pontianak."

    In Indonesia, those who like cardistry are called INDOCARDISTS.

    I believe that people are now enjoying cardistry all over the world, just like in your city right now.

    Today, let me share you some card flourish moves.

    In March 2018, I presented you with 12 unique card move flourishes in one title -- Cardistry Project : LINK by SaysevenT. You can learn much there and discover new experiences.

    I have now come back to bring you something different about card flourishes.

    Let me show you another series -- the "Cardistry Project : Roaming by SaysevenT" and now I present you 15 move card flourishes in one title.
    • Carry Fly
    • Molla
    • Sidd Throw
    • Ziggi Zagga
    • Ter
    • Spray Mine
    • Sekota
    • Timpa
    • Puting Beliung
    • Troll 1
    • Troll 2
    • Dominize
    • Carry Foe
    • Roundersix
    • Irama
    Recommended: skill to (Beginner)-(intermediate).

    - Non-verbal explanation.

    - 34 minute detailed explanation.

    Available now!

    Card flourishes never die!

    See you when I release my next series Cardistry Project : INFINITY by SaysevenT.

    Download the video and start learning.

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