Cigarettes by Rama Yura video DOWNLOAD
    • Cigarettes by Rama Yura video DOWNLOAD

    Cigarettes by Rama Yura video DOWNLOAD

    This text is a description of a magic trick that anyone can perform, even non-smokers. The trick begins with the magician pulling a card from their pocket. With a snap of their fingers, the card miraculously transforms into a pack of cigarettes. The magician then proceeds to take out a cigarette from the pack, demonstrating its authenticity.

    As the trick continues, the cigarette pack is placed back into the magician's pocket. Suddenly, a lighter appears from their empty hand. But the magic doesn't stop there - the lighter changes color instantly. To prove the trick's authenticity...

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    Anyone can do this trick, including those of you who are not smokers, because it's just for fun!

    You show the audience a card from inside your pocket, then after a snap, the card turns into a pack of cigarettes! You display the pack and remove cigarettes from the box. After that, you place the cigarette box into your pocket and suddenly, from your empty hand, appears a lighter! If that's not enough magic, the lighter in your hand changes color in the blink of an eye. You can light the cigarette to show the audience that it is real. One magical moment after another.

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