Classic Card Magic IV by Paul A. Lelekis eBook DOWNLOAD
    • Classic Card Magic IV by Paul A. Lelekis eBook DOWNLOAD

    Classic Card Magic IV by Paul A. Lelekis eBook DOWNLOAD

    This fourth eBookClassic Card Magic is packed with six amazing effects that will take your magic show to the next level! From the classic Kannibal Kards routine, to Nick Trost's 8 Card Brainwave, to Martin Gardner's 4 Ace Trick, you'll find something to wow your audience

    Plus, learn the real deal of the Ascanio Spread and the Psychotic Bluff Aces

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    This is the fourth eBookClassic Card Magic I, II, and III. Included are six more classics of card magic that will truly elevate your performances to another level! Look what's included!

    THE KANNIBAL KARDS: This is probably the greatest and most entertaining routine of all time! The full routine, all sleights and all of the patter is included with a fantastic ending! Every magician should perform this excellent routine... it is truly a monster!!

    BONUS! Learn the real deal of the Ascanio Spread! This important sleight scares some people... but Paul will teach you some nice finesses and a sure-fire method of keeping the 'hidden' cards from breaking - and it works... every time!

    8 CARD BRAINWAVE: Nick Trost's greatest creation. Have a spectator think of any of a variety of eight cards and you prove that you knew ahead of time which card he/she would pick! Paul adds some really funny patter to make this entertaining routine a big hit every time!

    4 ACE TRICK: This forgotten routine is a self-working "Spectator Cuts the Aces" by Martin Gardner that is a real 'gem'! The spectator does all the work and finds the four Aces! Easy to do and amazing!

    PSYCHOTIC BLUFF ACES: An Ace assembly - the Aces "fly" to the leader position - then all of the Aces jump back to their original positions and the Ace of Spades at the leader disappears and all the cards change to Jacks!

    I WOULDN'T LIE: A very cool principle of magic is exploited to produce an impossible Lie Detector Test... plus a comedic ending!

    EX POST TRANSPO: A very nice blend of fairly easy sleights in conjunction with the above principle that will produce an unbelievable result.

    This is a lesson in combining different sleights in different ways to produce a variety of outcomes that will amaze your spectators!

    Download this eBook and learn these great effects!